My Story Behind EFT Tapping

My name is Terri Mays, I am an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Vocational and Avocational Self-Improvement Coach specializing in using the Emotional Tone Scale to help educators and youth live a life of freedom and joy. As a past Foster Parent emancipating teens, I wish I knew this technique years ago. Tapping can help youths through times of feeling socially insecure and emotionally vulnerable. Tapping encourages skills and attitudes needed for positive future actions. I have observed that there really is no limit to the kinds of issues Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be used to benefit students and adults. Here’s some examples of how Tapping can help you: – Anxiety Starting School or a New Class – Peer Pressure Bullying – Exam Stress – Fear of Failure – Losing and Making Friends – Performance Anxiety – Sports, Competitions, Grading, etc. – Jealousy or Rivalry – Phobias – Learning Something New Self-Doubt Learning Difficulties – Math, Spelling, etc. – Grief – Loss of Someone Significant, Loss of a Pet – Anxiety or Stress – Physical Pain or Fear of Diagnosis As Gary Craig says, Try it on Everything!