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Podcast Interview with Don Hutchinson

Why is this an important topic?

Educators today are managing more stress than ever before, both in and out the classroom. The latest figures from the US Dept. of Education states 40% of teachers will leave the profession within their first five years. This creates added stress and pressure on all the school districts’ departments and faculty.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping is proven effective at reducing stress and anxiety while at the same time improve self-esteem. It's one of the fastest, safest and cost-effective stress reducing methods available.

A. Who will benefit from this interview?
People from all walks of life can benefit from learning about EFT Tapping. But since I now specialize teaching Educators and students, anyone with kids in school or involved in our educational system will greatly benefit and know how they can apply it to their daily life.

B. Why is this important?
Because when you know how to manage and reduce personal stress, you can easily handle the stress in the classroom. Anxiety and stress weaken our immune system adding more sick days out of work. Errors are made more often (stress makes us stupid) and heighten emotions both anger and depression is more dominant.

Learning what EFT Tapping is and when and how to use it, is very powerful because it gives you that tool you can apply to yourself anytime you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed.

I had a student Myah who’s student life so improved with Tapping and couple other tips I taught him that he gave me permission to share his story. He was a top athletic in high school played basketball, football and track. He loved sports and was very good at it. However, he was challenged with school studies and test scores. At the time, he came to me the coach would not let him play that semester because of poor grades. After learning how to breath and Tapping to reduce his anxiety about his test and other overwhelming feelings; his attitude and grades improved and his senior year he even made honor roll and best athlete of the year. He now has graduated and joining the air force.

What listeners need to know.
A. Definition of the topic. This Tapping technique was originally discovered by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. Sanford Engineer Gary Craig who researched with Dr.
Callahan created the simplified Tapping version known today as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT Tapping. It is based on Chinese acupuncture points but you don’t use needles, you Tap using your fingertips.

Research from Harvard Medical School discovered that Tapping on these specific meridian end points it communicates with the amygdala and hippocampus in the brain. This is huge because this is part of the limbic system which is the source of emotions and long-term memory. The Amygdala works like our alarm system and controls the body freeze-fight-or- flight response. Tapping on the meridian end points sends a calming response to the body actually lowering cortisol in the body and counteracts the stress felt. Creating a sense of clarity and calmness.

There are over 100 clinical trial studies in 10 different countries with EFT Tapping 51 of them have been the Triple Blind Gold standard study all showing positive results. This is amazing!

Educators are working longer hours, constant new technology and academic testing standards that is creating chronic emotional and physical stress that is leading to burnout. This year US Dept. Ed. says over 40% of teachers leave within their first 5 yrs. We have more students than we have teachers for which puts added
pressure on everyone.

Students are experiencing higher levels stress both from academic pressure and social emotional pressures leading to increased anxiety, depression, self-abuse and anger than at any other time in history.

Solution: Introducing EFT Tapping in the classroom improves resilience, reduces anxiety and improves self-esteem in students and teachers. After students experience the improved positive feelings from Tapping, I have been told they even ask the teacher can we Tap before our concert or event to help them perform better. I encourage and teach students and teachers how to Tap on their fear of not remembering all the answers before a test which lowers their anxiety allowing clarity to focus and remember their correct answers. Teachers have told me students score a noticeable 10% better.

Results: Some Teachers use it at the start of their day allowing them to reset any personal stress that may be on their mind before entering the classroom student agenda.
I have teachers tell me regularly that they use it off and on for personal stress relief. Students love using Tapping because they can feel the results so quickly. I regularly get feedback from students and their teachers where students have used Tapping to their improved test scores and even sport games.

Since I have been teaching EFT Tapping in schools now over a year Teachers have asked me to return the next year and it is so enjoyable to have students recognize me and proudly tell me they Tap and tell me their successes. One third grader girl told me she Taps when she’s angry at her sister to feel better.

This is just a small example of how I believe Tapping can really make a positive shift for our future. Just her story of choosing to use it to make her feel better with anger is really huge in my book. Maybe we can shift some of this angry energy that many are experiencing today with others.

Putting This Information into Action:
I have created a program especially designed for Educators and Parents of students that they can easily learn and apply in their daily life. My mission is to see EFT Tapping become a regular modality used in the classrooms across the country. So they can use Tapping to feel less anxiety and improve their well-being whenever and wherever they may be.

Currently I am involved with volunteer work for Chico School District for the communities affected by the Paradise Camp Fire to help give them a tool to reduce their daily anxiety of overwhelm and change.

Short Term
People can go to my website. They can immediately download a Tapping manual I created for educators. I also have several videos and Tapping resources there. If any listeners have been affected by these horrific wildfires I will personally teach them how they can start using EFT Tapping at no charge either by zoom or in person if possible.

Long Term
I am available for professional development trainings If they would like me to teach them everything they need to know to be able to immediately apply it in their work place and personal life.

TappingWithTerri.com or email me directly at


Podcast Interview with CUTV News

CUTV News Radio spotlights Terri Mays of Tapping With Terri (Broadcast in Self Help)

Lodi, CA – Terri Mays is the founder of Tapping With Terri, where she specializes in a unique healing modality called emotional freedom technique (EFT), otherwise known as Tapping. Mays is dedicated to improving the classroom experience by teaching Tapping in schools to both students as well as teachers and administrators.

“What I have to offer is an incredible technique that is very empowering” says Mays. “Students can use it anytime they feel a little nervous, scared or angry.”

Tapping has its origins in helping people suffering from PTSD. Gold standard studies have proven how EFT Tapping reduces stress and anxiety. Tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points on your body lowers cortisol, allowing students to feel less anxious, more focused and more engaged.

“The students do think it’s a little weird at first, because you literally Tap on pressure point on your face and upper body but easily jump right into it,” says Mays. “Because they can immediately feel a sense of calmness after only tapping five or ten minutes they readily embrace it. We tap together using their words and it promotes a unified positive connection.”

Mays had been teaching EFT for many years as a coach when she was inspired to bring EFT into schools after recent school shootings. Mays works with students of all ages but specializes in middle and high school. She says that’s typically when students’ hope and imagination turn into believing they’re not good enough and they retreat and feel they need armor to protect themselves.

“We all tap as a class together kids really want to do well” says Mays. After tapping, students feel more confident, calmer and have improved self-esteem.”

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